Minor road crossing a dual carriageway.

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    If any of you want to look this one up on Google, the junction is the first one after you leave Gretna heading westbound on the B781, between Gretna and Rigg and the dual carriageway you have to cross in the A75. The minor road is slightly staggered and there are no lane markings, arrows in the gap in the central reservation.

    I often stay with friends in Rigg and almost every time I go down there, there's collision debris. I only use the crossing if I'm heading onto the M74 south or if returning north (it cuts out the endless roadworks and potholes in Gretna) but I've got so paranoid about the crossing that nowadays I just go into Gretna anyway. If you are turning right to head eastbound or simply going straight over to Kirkpatrick Fleming, the A75 is so busy it's almost inevitable that one is stuck in the central gap. If heading north, you can't see most cars indicators if they're turning off the A75 eastbound before you cross the westbound carriageway because you're lower than the dual carriageway. A lot of people eastbound on the A75 turn off here for Gretna, access to the A7 and Longtown and a lot seem to cut across the space where a car stuck in the central gap to go straight on rather than go around them. Traffic coming down from Kirkpatrick Fleming usually want to turn right onto the westbound carriageway and can equally get stuck and, as they're sharing with right turning traffic, it can get messy.

    Would you avoid this junction? Locals have been asking for changes to be made but BEAR don't seem to bother.
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    They won't make any changes until someone is killed or seriously injured.

    They always use the "there hasn't been a serious accident here so it must be safe" argument and keep at that until the situation changes. Retrospective action only, never forethought.
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    I found it on Google maps (It's the B721 not 781) and it''s easy to see how, at busy times, it would "get messy". I think that I too would go round. On the map, I see that there is a shortcut along Victory Avenue - it's narrow, with parked cars, but it is a bus route so shouldn't be too bad. Of course you may already go that way :)
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    Yeah, my typo, Santa. I've tried Victory Avenue - ok so long as you don't meet something like a bus coming the other way!! It's also been closed off at the top end the last couple of visits - either a new water main or sewer going in. I'm glad you feel the same way about that crossing - I was wondering if I was being overly nervous about it.

    98selitb - people have been very seriously injured there.
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    Dizboard, I'm glad you feel so confident! I didn't see a problem the first time I used it (it was 3am) but my view soon changed to join those of the locals. Many of the junctions on the A75 need serious upgrading - in fact the whole road does considering the traffic it carries, especially commercials.