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    I sent the below email 17th May and received a Case reference: UF133811562
    And then nothing!

    I booked with an RAC mobile mechanic to the following (don’t appear to have a job number)
    Your booking
Selected date: 14/05/2024
Job type: repair
Product type: Brake disc and pad replacement (Front)
Price: £166.99
    The RAC mechanic arrived on the 14/05/2024 AM. He initially worked on the drivers side, completing the side disc and pad. Whilst working on the passenger side, he managed to ‘strip threads’ on the bolts that go into the knuckle,
    The RAC mechanic blamed a previous mechanic; however you should be aware that this is the first time the discs have been changed and the callipers have been removed, I have the service history and checked with the previous owner
    The RAC mechanic quoted £450 for a replacement knuckle this he would fit for free
    I declined the quote
    He then offered an additional quote of £160 which he stated would be to have the knuckle rethreaded with a new bolt, again stating that this would be fitted free of charge.
    I agreed to the quote, because I had no option
    I enquired how long the job would take, explaining that I attend Dialysis three times per week and therefore require my vehicle. I was advised by your mechanic that he could not offer me a timeframe and advised that I should hire a car for a period of 7 days,
    Whilst he was present at my property, he had his music extremely loud, which was very disruptive and inconsiderate not only to myself but also my neighbours, I requested that he turn down the volume.
    The mechanic was back and forth on the Tuesday, not resolving any issues. He left on the Tuesday afternoon, my car was situated on my drive with the wheel removed, and supported by an axel stand.
    The mechanic arrived back on Friday 17th May with the repaired knuckle. He advised that the price had now increased to £180, £20 more than the initial quote. He fitted the knuckle along with the disc/ pad, and then put the wheel back on.
    Following this, I observed the mechanic undoing the wheel nuts on the rear of the car, I queried what he was doing, and he advised that he was replacing the locking wheel nuts with standard bolts as this would be better in the future and there was no charge – I did not request this.
    The mechanic then road tested the car and passed it, I paid and asked for an itemised invoice of all the work carried out - this was emailed to myself later on in the day.
    The detail on the invoice (see attached) only states “Brake Drum” - £346.99. (There are no brake drums on the car)
    The vehicle reg is incorrect and the car is a Citroën C3 Picasso and my name is Chris Rae, not Chris Rar as documented on the invoice.
    So I would like a proper invoice detailing all the work carried out and an explanation as to why the locking wheel nuts where changed, I can only assume that he stripped another bolt with his overzealous use of his impact driver – this will be clarified next week when I have new tyres fitted.

    To finish, I have attached images of the mess he caused to my driveway, which I am keen to note was stain free prior to his visit.
    Overall, I have been completely dissatisfied with your service and will not be using the RAC in future, what I assumed would be a positive experience caused unnecessary stress to myself.
    I look forward to receiving a response in respect of the above
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    Community Manager
    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the Community, I'm sorry the work didn't go as planned.

    I want to signpost that nobody in the community has access to RAC member accounts and cannot update/progress the case.

    As well as registering your case with the team online, they can also be contacted over the phone (and even via post).

    We do aim to get back to claims the next working day, but sometimes it can take a little longer (within 5 working days).

    From what you've described that timeframe has comfortably passed and I'd recommend reaching out on 0333 202 1877.


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    Thanks for the reply
    to be honest I’ve given up with it - almost 2months
    initially I chose the RAC mobile service because I thought they might do the work properly - got that wrong

    thanks Chris