Accident with a bus at a roundabout

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    Hi all,
    Just looking for a bit of advice on this…
    Im a young, learner driver that owns and is fully insured on my personal car. Recently, i got into an accident with a city transport bus. The front of my car was ever so slightly sticking over the line at the roundabout as I was about to go. I had to stop as I saw the bus was joining the roundabout from my right. As the bus was turning to exit the roundabout, it bumped and scraped into the front of my car leaving a small paint scrape on my car and a small dent with also few scratches on the rear bumper of the bus. I stopped and exchanged details with the driver and was told to call next day. I called and was told that I would get a call back from them later that day to receive further details on the case but I never got the call back and they still haven't called me after a week. Is it possible that they are just going to brush past it and forget about it or should I expect a claim to come through? And if so, how much should I expect them to charge me? I assume I am at fault here since it was my car was sticking out…

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    @ExpyreFrom your description, yes, you were at fault, but the bus driver isn't blameless.

    Regardless of fault, you're obliged to tell your insurer.

    I don't know why the bus company would get into discussions with you: they will simply claim on your insurance. That's what you pay your premium for.

    FWIWm ost roundabout claims seem to be settled 50/50, if there are no witnesses or other independent evidence.
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    A bus company would deal with minor damage like this from its own resources.

    All large fleet operators have an arrangement where their insurance has a very large excess - maybe £million or more. They will have a department that deals directly with "minor" claims.

    As said above, you are obliged to tell your insurer but in fact, you may never hear any more about it.
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    I was deemed at fault but the damage was so minor, the bus company wasn’t concerned and didn’t make any claims against me.
    Many thanks