Who's fault is it ?

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    I had an accident a few days ago (my first ever) and I'm confused as to whether I was even at fault. The other driver has said to his insurer, that I crashed into his car.
    I was in a parking bay outside my home, and had just started to reverse out. It was on a private estate so no traffic on the road. The first I knew was when there was a loud bang at the back of my car. As I had only just started to reverse out, I stopped and jumped out. At the back of my car, was my neighbours car, but horizontal to my vertical position. He had reversed for 12
    yards and had stopped at the back of my car to turn, into a road. He didn't see that was coming out, and I never saw him until the bang.
    my concern is, that surely a car reversing out for 12 yards, to a place where people are coming out of parking spaces, is the one most at fault, as I had hardly moved. My car hit his rear door on the drivers side, which shows clearly that he was reversing a long way, and in front of parking bays. All he has told his insurance is that I hit his car. As soon as I got out of my car, he said 'you went straight into me' he then drove off as he was going somewhere. His rear drivers Side door has got a dent in it, my car has only a scratch. His assessor says that his car is now not roadworthy, and he is not driving it. I have not had an accident before and was in shock, so never thought to take photos of the position of my car.
    Anyone know whose fault they will decide it would be?
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    It sounds as if neither of you were looking where you were going. 50/50.
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    Yours I think, sorry

    But did he drive off without exchanging details with you? I think that’s an offence even if he wasn’t the one at fault
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    It sounds as if neither of you were looking where you were going. 50/50.

    I agree. This is likely to be settled as part of a 'knock for knock' agreement.

    I did my advanced driving course last year, and subsequently passed my test. It's part of good practice to park by reversing into the bay, so you have a good view when you next drive out.

    And just to reinforce what I have just typed above, I was reversing out of a supermarket parking space and, despite looking over my shoulders, in the mirrors, in the camera display on screen, and the proximity sensors being quiet, I nearly knocked over a pedestrian. Despite my very best efforts, it still nearly resulted in an accident.

    Always reverse in and drive out - honestly it's a much better policy, and much safer.