Swinton Insurance,,,,never !!!

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    After weeks of exchanging emails I have decided to cancel my new car insurance with Swinton
    Firstly I cannot understand why they asked for so much proof of existance just for a cheap insurance on a cheap run around car
    We have been getting car insurance for 45 years with lots of different cars and different insurance companies
    We have never felt like we were being interrogated as we have with Swinton
    We were asked for photos ( back and front ) of both driving licences
    Digital PDF versions of both our driving licences downloaded from the government website
    Photos of page one and page two of the V5C document proving we owned the car
    A utility bill from the previous three months proving we live at the address on the policy, Which was clearly shown on both driving licences and the V5C

    A typing error on the original application showed our street name twice
    On the cars V5C it showed the correct address with only one street name on it
    We were informed that Swintons FRAUD SQUAD were looking into this
    Perhaps if the call centre had been in the UK the staff would have realised this simple error,,,,when I tried to explain this to the call centre person she either couldn't or wouldn't accept that all they had to do was delete a line of text on the policy
    After three vweeks of frustration I have cancelled this new policy and to add insult to injury they have charged me a £50 administration fee !!!!!
    I will never deal with Swinton again and I will be advising anyone I can never to have anything to do with them !!!
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    Without checking (to avoid spam) I guess that they come top of the list on comparison sites.

    I have written about this before because some companies will set a low price to pull people in and then use anything they can to push the price up to a realistic level. This is similar to the "budget" airlines that add as many charges to the opening fare as they can get away with.

    Swinton does not do well on review sites and I always suggest that a few minutes of research pays dividends.