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    I’ve just joined this forum, but I need some advice on what to do. A month ago, I was involved in an RTC, which I believe was not my fault, let me tell you the circumstances:

    After having been into a local supermarket, the road which leads out onto the main road passes a fuel station, also belonging to the supermarket, as I was driving along this road out of the supermarket, I was approaching the fuel station, with the intention of going out onto the main road, before I could do so, a woman in a Citroen, was coming the opposite way, as it transpires intending to go into the fuel station, she gave no turning signal or any clue that she was about to turn right, I was just about at the entrance to the fuel station when she suddenly swung her car right, without giving way to my oncoming approach, and struck the front offside 3/4 of my car, I got out, I lost my temper and shouted at her, but that was all, I then immediately proceeded to take photographs from various angles of the location and the damage done to both vehicles. The lady is insured with Direct Line, we have made a third party claim with them, fast forward to 2 weeks after, and the third party (the woman) is refusing to admit liability, the insurance company are insisting upon CCTV footage from the supermarket, which I made sure was available, and the manager of the store assured me this would be locked and made available to the insurance company. I should also mention the police attended this incident and viewed said footage. The supermarket has not submitted the footage to
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    Why not just claim through your own insurance, and let them do all the work? That's what you pay them for.