Assets/care home fees and inheritance

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    I should know this but just wondering if anyone has any experience

    Say hypothetically I had to go into a care home, and was forced to sell my home to pay for it

    I'm aware you can't just give away your assets - it's treated as intentional deprivation of assets

    What if I did that anyway though, and literally had nothing left to pay for the care home fees

    Assume also that my children were (under my instructions) not engaging or cooperating when approached for a financial contribution or release of the assets

    Would they let someone with dementia just fester, or would they intervene?

    Is there some way of the authorities seizing the gifted assets from my children to pay for my fees?

    Thanks in advance
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    There are numerous catches and clauses around your question. My personal reaction would be to point out that I have already paid for my care through fifty years of NI contributions.
    One thing which worked a while ago was to convert all assets to cash, go to Las Vegas and 'lose the lot in a casino'. CCTV footage can be obtained from the casinos to prove you were there.
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    @Drivingforfun hello,
    If you were to go into a care home and had to sell your home to pay for it, giving away your assets to avoid paying fees would be considered intentional deprivation of assets. Authorities can investigate such transfers and potentially reverse them to fund your care. If you had nothing left to pay for care home fees and your children refused to cooperate, the authorities wouldn't let you be neglected. They would likely step in to ensure you receive care. This could involve legal actions to recover the assets or compel your children to contribute towards your care costs.
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    The information I have garnered is that private care homes can be good, but the corporate-owned chains are a nightmare. A friend's mother went into one and they had very strict visiting times. Due to circumstances a visit was essential, and he had to 'bully' his way to see her. She was under sedation along with every other client. He removed her immediately and found an alternative that evening. Totally different. Visit any time between 0800 and 2200hrs, they had nothing to hide.