Gearbox malfunction after service

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    Hi, looking for a bit of advice please.
    I have a 2018 Audi A4 avant stronic tfsi done 44k. On the 9th jan this year it went in for a full service & gearbox service, on the 31st jan the gearbox packed up with no warning, stuck in 2nd gear just wouldn’t do anything. Never ever had any issues with the car and it’s always been fully serviced. Would the fact it’s been service only 3 weeks prior give me any leg to stand on with the garage being at fault for this? Currently saying I now need a whole new gearbox but it’s not 100% guaranteed to fix the problem. The mechatronics control unit has already been replaced (at £3000🙄) unfortunately the car is out of warranty and on finance but everyone seems to be saying it’s general wear and tear that’s caused it but surely a new (ish) car should not be needing a whole new gearbox at 44k miles? Any help or advice as not getting anywhere with anyone. Currently looking into gettingt help from citizens advice but thought I’d also ask here to. Thank you
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    Hi @Kat8763,

    Welcome to the Community.

    I wanted to share some thoughts based on what you've described, I'm not an expert and I'm hoping that someone with a mechnical, legal or, insurance background may offer some of their thoughts too. 🙂

    As with any machine, parts can break at any time. The gearbox may have been fine when it was serviced, and even if they did miss the damage on the day, you'd still be in the same situation - unless you think they may have damaged it in some way?

    A new gearbox after only 44,000 miles is surprising, will your insurance company let you have another garage provide a second opinion?

    Getting a better understanding on your options and rights from an independent group, such as CAB, is always a good thing to do. What have they suggested?