Owner Ignorance of Bells and Whistles

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    A friend asked me to 'have a look' at his son's new car as it was behaving 'strangely'. The son took me out for a drive, and we were on a country lane when the car began to slow. We were approaching a tight bend. The closer we came to the bend, the slower the car went. We went around the bend at less than walking pace. After clearing the bend the car drove as normal. I asked if he had the same problem going back, to which he replied that it did. We turned around and I drove back. We went around the bend with no problem. He was gobsmacked, and asked me how I did that. I showed him the button to turn his active cruise control off as it was reacting to the very large chevron sign indicating the bend. I also recommended he read the car manual.
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    Wow that is quite something ha ha

    Today my car sensed a van on the opposite side of the road and it beeped at me very loudly and a large picture of a red car lit up on the dashboard. This made me jump and almost swerve into the van...

    In 8,000 miles since I've had the car it's done that a few times and even braked once. I would rather it be over sensitive than under sensitive I suppose

    I've turned off the lane assist because that actively resists if you try to steer over the white lines - even on a country road, but there seems to be no way of turning off the collision warning

    Maybe I should read the manual
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    I guess most of us only read the manual when things go wrong. I recall an article in a car magazine where their reviewer drove across France in their long-term test car without being able to go faster than 40mph.

    I think the car was a top-of-the-range Mercedes 4 x 4 and he did not know about the ability to set a maximum speed on the cruise control. He confessed that he was too scared to try pressing buttons because he had no idea what they did.
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    Whilst this made me chuckle, I also know I'd do the same thing.
    I'm pretty sure there are buttons in my car which I've never pressed and I don't know what they do.


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