merging onto single carriageway

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    Please refer to the following locstion:

    When you are merging onto the following single carriageway, there is a give way line (and sign) along with a no stopping sign. Unlike your usual give way lines, this looks more like a slip road on the motorway - the lane continues. What would you do here - do you continue in the lane until you can merge (if the traffic is heavyish) or is it best to merge exactly at the give way line?
    I hope this makes sense, I think this sounds self-explanatory because of the no stopping sign and the layout, however, I also don’t want to block anyone’s way who wants to exit the single carriageway! People I have asked do not agree so I wonder what the most appropriate way would be to deal with this.
    thank you so much
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    I have looked at the link on Street View and I can't see the problem you describe. There are a lot of slip roads to choose from.
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    Hi @Tudorqueen,

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    Funnily enough, I have driven on this stretch of road not too long ago. Merging from the Cousland Road onto the A899 (dual carriageway) can be a bit tricky as you often need to stop and then quickly get upto speed (50mph) with only a short distance of tarmac available.

    Re merging onto the Cousland Road, I personally have never had too many problems, but I have seen a couple of drivers having a bump as they're looking for a gap on the road they're merging onto rather than the car in front who has stopped.

    EDIT: Admittedly, the recent roadworks have slowed everything right down. 🙄
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    I sometimes come across left turns onto single carriageways which have something resembling a slip road on it

    I occasionally utilise the slip road if traffic is quiet but usually I will treat it as a regular junction and wait stationary for a gap in traffic before moving off, seeing there is no overtaking lane for traffic to move into to facilitate my merge