Automatic & Manual licence

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    It's something that I have heard a lot about recently and something I'm sure must have come up one here previously.

    Has anyone heard if there are any plans to scrap the manual/automatic licence category? Especially with there being an increasing number of electric vehicles and SMG/auto boxes on the roads, the number of manual vehicles is likely to be decreasing rapidly.
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    There is a proposal but it only goes part-way towards scrapping the distinction:

    Automatic drivers will soon be able to also drive a manual vehicle as long as they can already drive a manual vehicle in another category.

    The changes will effect the car and trailer (B+E) category, medium-sized lorry (C1) and its trailer towing equivalent (C1+E) and the minibus (D1) and its trailer towing
    equivalent (D1+E).

    It's worth mentioning that there has never been a distinction for drivers of HGVs Class C or C+e (Class 1 and 2) Most Heavy trucks are automatic these days anyway.
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    Just my opinion but I don't really see the point in a distinction

    I feel I was probably more of a risk driving an automatic for the first time as a manual driver, than someone who was in the opposite scenario

    The worst a manual novice could do is stall / delay other road users, whereas someone new to an auto can cause damage

    Though...I'd be more than happy if having a manual license in future made me more desirable, like an older person today having automatic minibus/trailer rights!