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    I have Legal Care Plus and the accompanying policy booklet clearly says the policy is against me and not my vehicle. Fine. It also allows me to add up to four family members and so my partner is named on the policy. The policy clearly states that it provides legal cover for an accident/road traffic collision where I am not at fault. It also clearly defines these as being the fault of another party.
    The cover also describes the covered person as the one taking out the policy OR anyone named on the policy.

    However, what isn't stated is whether either of us needs to be driving or whether the main policy holder needs to be present.

    So, bearing the above in mind:

    Does the policy cover me as a passenger (in any vehicle)?
    Does the policy cover my partner where we are both passengers?
    Does the policy cover my partner in a scenario where I am not in the vehicle, where she may be:
    - the driver
    - a passenger

    Many thanks in advance.

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    So I spoke to 'a very nice man' (haha!) in the RAC legal cover team. This policy covers anyone named on the policy in any motoring-related incident where they are not at fault, whether they are a driver or passenger in any vehicle or even a pedestrian (eg being hit by a bus that mounted a pavement). You are covered so long as the other party who is likely to be at fault can be traced and is themselves insured (eg motor, home or workplace/corporate insurance). E-scooters may or may not be covered (depends if the person who caused the incident is insured in any way).

    So this policy is generally much broader than the typical legal-cover type policy offered by car insurers and it means we only need this one policy rather than individual ones covering each vehicle.
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    Contracts such as this can be quite useful. I would be inclined to read it through a few times on different occasions taking careful note of what it states. I am aware of people being able to claim all sorts of things because the contract does not specify how things are not excluded. Check for any and all ambiguities.
    If you are still uncertain on the matters you list above, I can only suggest putting your queries to the person who sold you the policy.
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    Thanks for the reply. I've read the policy booklet through, it isn't clear. I'll call RAC directly - there isn't an email address. Sometimes it's easier to write things down rather than having to explain over the phone.

    But I would've thought this kind of thing would've been made clear in the policy booklet.
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    Hi @tarun,

    Be sure to come back and let the community know what the outcome was.



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