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    My wife's car has Bridgestone Turanza T005 tyres all round. A couple of weeks ago she was away at a friend's when the NSF tyre was irrepairably damaged. RAC Breakdown/RAC Tyre Cover was very efficient and a new tyre was fitted before the end of her visit. The new tyre is also a Turanza T005. I wish to replace the OSF tyre to even up the front end. There are 9 variations of the Turanza T005 each with different combination of Fuel Economy and Wet Grip that will fit her car. The tyre dealer hasn't got any idea which specific one was fitted, the tyre was supplied to him by the RAC, and there are no numbers or other marks on the tyre that match the information in the Bridgestone product specification sheet. It seems the product number may only be printed on the label glued to the tyre and ripped off at fitting.
    Can anyone help please? Is there any means of identifying the new tyre that was fitted recently.
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    Reading through your post, the only way I see is to compare the qualities, and the tread pattern. If they are all the same then I would just go by your tyre man's best guess.