Suzuki Ignis 2017 Issues and Advice - MOT passed but mechanic says it shouldn't have

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    Hi there some advice would be very much appreciated as I don't know very much about cars

    Recently purchased a used 2017 Suzuki ignis from a large major dealership (in Scotland). New MOT on the vehicle and was assured everything was ok with the car.

    Had the car double checked by a local mechanic who advised that the car shouldn't have passed its MOT with the following notes:

    OSF droplink rubber burst
    NSF droplink rubber burst
    OSF suspension arm bush read (Advisory)
    NSF suspension arm bush near (Advisory)

    Also with a strange clunking sensation of juddering with the car which was felt on the way back (its an automatic transmission)

    The car is going back to the dealer to have the issues looked at.

    I'm wondering, how serious are these issues, and can we trust the dealership to fix them if they hadn't been noted in the MOT at all?

    The vehicle had a failed MOT in its history with:
    Offside Front Coil spring fractured or broken

    had imagined this was fixed and would cause no further issue, would this be the cause of some of these faults now?

    Any help or advice and things to look out for would be very appreciated!
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    Take it back and shop somewhere else.
    If the garage said there was nothing wrong with the car but an independent mechanic said there was, makes you wonder what nasty and expensive problems will rear their ugly heads in the future.
    Just saying.