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    Hi There,

    Im looking for some advice, I have replaced the passenger front caliper on my girlfriends Clio Mk3 but cant seem to bleed it at all. I have tried bleeding the drivers side and it bleeds fine, I have tried the generic brake bleeding routine by someone pumping the pedal and cracking the nipple etc but all I can get from the passenger front is air and spits of fluid.

    I did notice there is a "braking fault" on the dash but dont have the relevant diag tool to show the fault code and not sure if this is related. Im not used to working on Renaults so unsure if the DSC servo has disabled that side or if there is a block somewhere as it was working before. It only got a caliper as it was binding when replacing the discs & pads.

    Im not sure if im missing something or if it needs pressure bled. Any help is greatly appreciated 🙏

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    Old school method.
    Have a tube from the bleed nipple into a jar, or alternatively be ready to clean up a mess.
    Have a helper pump hell out of the brake pedal until it's rock solid. If the pedal starts sinking you have a problem that bleeding will not fix.
    Assuming the pedal stays solid open the bleed nipple while your assistant keeps pressure on the pedal as it sinks to the floor. When it has, close the bleed nipple before the assistant takes his/her foot off the pedal.
    If needed, repeat.
    What this does is it sends a 'blast' of high speed brake fluid through the lines which will dislodge any air bubbles that cling to the inside of the brake lines and the caliper, which regular slow bleeding won't shift.
    No fancy equipment required.😉