Insurance injustice.

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    New to this forum. I have a clean driving licence since 1957. Recent insurance has logged two accidents against me. To date, I have had no accidents/claims that were my fault. These claims relate to my car being hit by a bus and my car car being hit-written off, when a woman driver hit a 4x4 Lexus parked behind me, that in turn wrecked the rear of my car. In both cases My car was PARKED in a marked parking bay outside my home. Recent 'search the market' sites, now give quotes similar to a new driver.

    OK. So i'm an oldie. Still got all my faculties. Lifetime clean licence. No blame claims. Former Advanced driver (police traffic).

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    FWIW: I got a quote for a Mini in 1969 which was inordinately high. When I queried it I was told that Mini owners of my age were probably the most accident-prone drivers on the road. Unfortunately, we all fall victim to statistics!
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    I don't like to defend insurance companies because most of what they do is dickish

    But...they don't exist to judge you as a driver, which I am sure you are a good one... They are simply there to weigh up risk and if your car's been damaged twice they simply consider it more likely to happen again (perhaps with the possibility of offender not even stopping, which would mean a large claim)

    That said I do agree it's not fair

    PS I am interested about your previous job and think it would be cool if you stuck around on this forum as you probably have some good insights
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    I was 55 when I purchased my current Jag new. I was chased by one insurance company who wanted to provide me with a quote as they stated that they would undercut any other previous quote, so I eventually relented and allowed them to quote me.

    They asked me if I had any driving qualifications, so I listed them
    Police advanced class 1 (I was 30 years traffic Police)
    Qualified Police instructor
    Senior advanced driving examine
    Advanced driving instructor
    Active road crash investigator.
    Member of the Law Society panel of expert witnesses

    To name but a few and I did not include all my motorcycle qualifications

    So they sort of went WoW" we will really be able to offer you a cheaper policy than anyone else.

    Yeah right. Their quote was £600 more expensive than my previous cheapest quote, so they certainly lost any potential business from me, but when I asked why given that they had promised to undercut anyone else, their reply? "We do not expect someone of your age to be driving a Jaguar!" As in I was too young. I could not believe it.

    They just assumed I would say "Wonderful" pay up and cream me for every penny. They were not best pleased when I told them to never darken my door again.

    Anyway, a couple of years ago, I my car was also hit whilst it was parked outside my front door at home. The guy who hit my car whilst parking did more damage to his own vehicle than he did to mine (mine was just a few marls which polished out easily) but I was called by my insurers as the third party was also with the same firm.

    I was asked about making a claim and I made it quite clear that I would not be submitting a claim.

    They asked if I was injured. They had difficulty understanding that I was indoors, I was not in my car at the time but they kept asking if I would be making a personal injury claim? "What part of No do you not understand?" and so this questioning continued until they accepted that I had no intention of making a claim.

    But I also made it clear that if my premium rose on renewal because of this I would be wiping the floor with them (at the time I was a crash investigator in a personal injury law firm had a lot of clout with the insurance ombudsman and the Financial Conduct authority who oversee insurers)

    I was assured that my premium would not be affected, but come renewal guess what? Got my renewal through and it was something like a 40% premium increase. So I called then to question why and cancel my policy.

    I was told that because it had been recorded that my car had been in a collision despite not having made a claim, it was perceived that I was now a greater risk despite the fact that I was not even in my car at the time.

    So I blew my top and said cancel my policy and very quickly they came up with a new premium 10% lower than my previous years cost. Suffice to say I remained, but I did have words with the FCA who told me that this was a common ploy with many insurers simply because the premiums are computer generated based on the information put into them and it is assumed that people will just cough up the extra or.... They will phone to cancel the policy at which point they will then re-evaluate the premiums quoted.

    It is a wicked web of deceit that these insurers run and we as the paying public are screwed because they know that we have to have insurance legally and therefore we the motoring public are just idiots with bottomless pockets of cash..
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    Many thanks for the replies. I have to admit to having learned the bit about, 'claiming being an indicator you'd make more claims' from the internet.
    Most of my insurance has been with the big companies. No problems. Then I had a look at the on-line offers. I plumped for one. Premium not too bad etc. I was a bit hesitant but, decided to mention my police qualifications. After all these years my proof was lost. Wowee! I received a discount of £24.

    I don't know, but it appears that many of todays insurers are popping up to make a fast buck.