Still a member after dropping RAC renewal?

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    Recently dropped my renewal with RAC breakdown cover, as I got a better offer elsewhere.

    Phoned to say I don't want to renew, and they said I'd still keep my RAC membership for a year for free, minus the breakdown, to take advantage of offers etc.

    Is this normal? I'm not bothered about the RAC offers, so perhaps I should get this cancelled?

    If I wanted to rejoin RAX next year, this would also block me getting new membership discount, which I suspect is the real reason they do this.

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    @Bing I think it's definitely worth it while you're getting the benefits for free, even just for the fuel discounts (I have a Shell garage near work which I use often and can use my RAC discount there) and the free coffee from Greggs! But I guess we need to weigh up if it's the best choice for you 🤔
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    It's common for internet providers, newspaper subscriptions etc. to offer freebies if you threaten to shop elsewhere else due to crap service.