Rear wiper washer not working

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    Hi all,

    I have a 2015 Ford Focus facelift 1.5TDCi Focus Zetec.

    Two weeks ago I noticed the washers had stopped working on the front and the back. I checked the fuses (77 and 82 in the passenger footwell) and both had blown. Replaced both but still no good. Assumed it was the pump so took it to a garage to get it swapped. They put a new (Maybe) pump in and only the front works but the spray seems weaker. But still nothing out the back. They claimed to when they tried the back it kept blowing the fuses. So they done something to stop it blowing.

    Anyway they said it was an electrical issue and asked if I wanted an auto electrician out. I said yes as I wanted it repaired. They had it back in a few days later and the electrician had it about 50-55 minutes and said he couldn't fix it as it was an ECU issue and mentioned an earth issue. They tried to blame my DRL lights I had fitted a few years ago next to the foglights. But these are earthed to the bulkhead and no where near the wiper or washer bottle/pump. So the electrician said he wouldn't touch it now as it would cost £100s to fix and I was advised to just remove the back wiper as its not a MOT failure.

    I am now unsure what to do or what it is? When I spray the front sprays the pumps work. When I do the back the pump doesn't work. The wiper comes on as if some water had been sprayed but that's it.

    Any ideas?

    I don't really want to remove the rear wiper as I do use it.

    Many thanks for any replies.
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    Sorry for the obvious answer, but you don't mention you have tried it...

    Have you tried checking the nozzle and piping for blockage? I have had several in the past not work due to gunging up.
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    The most common fault I have seen is a frayed wire where the loom goes from the body to the tailgate. All sorts of makes and models. Try pulling the rubber cover back from both ends and have a physical look. You may need to get a torch in there.