Because the complaint form refuses to accept my membership number

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    On Wednesday the 20/03/2024 I broke down on the M6 near sandbach and because i did not have breakdown cover nor a card to pay for any with me I called the RAC to explain my situation to see what might be done .

    RAC advised me that i could buy cover for £199 and continued membership or £11 monthly thereafter and this would get myself and my vehicle home to Wales the same day and i have the opportunity to cancel the subscription should i decide i dont want it once home .

    Because i had no means on me with which to pay for the cover i was assured my details had been saved so my mrs could pay over the phone once i had contacted her .

    Eventually my daughter called up to pay and my details had been saved but i learned later you insisted she pay £315 up front . Over many hours of waiting i was contacted by police at least 3 times and each time police themselves called the RAC to confirm that my recovery to home in Wales had been paid in full .

    However when my recovery slot was imminent I was contacted by yourselves several with a demand for an additional 500 odd pounds so i could be taken home .
    Each time i explained i did not have it and i had only bought cover on the understanding that i and my vehicle would be transported home that very day for the monies paid , i was told in no uncertain terms that this was not happening and another 45 minute wait was added to my recovery slot .

    When it was finally accepted that blackmail wasn't going to work the recovery truck was sent the wrong location and so had to call me a couple of times in order to find me and then said he can only take me to a service station maybe less than a mile up the road . And here i was abandoned with no money , no hope of repair , no hope of returning home even via public transport .

    I spent the night in the car and was fortunately able to contact a real and helpful recovery company early in the morning who transported myself and my vehicle home for about £100 more than i'd paid the RAC for nothing more than to waste my time .

    The criminal blackmail incompetence and outright lies of the RAC has me regretting i ever phoned your farce of a company and i am keen to pass on my complaint to the ombudsman and any other body of trust that might be fool enough to associate with the RAC .

    To say that the entire policy was mis-sold is an understatement , fact is i suffered physically and mentally and continue to suffer financially because i was robbed by a company which claims falsely to provide assistance .


    I want a full and immediate refund plus £150 token gesture of apology because that is the average of 3 quotes to have to vinyl wrap the rear of my vehicle in orange and white with the RAC logo advertising what i think of your company which should do more than enough to balance the scales of justice given my vehicle gets lots of enthusiastic attention on a daily basis even when i'm not visiting car shows and events throughout Britain and Europe as is my hobby .

    Copied and pasted from the online complaint form which unsurprisingly does not work though it has been confirmed by telephone that my membership number is correct , and given the outright dishonesty of the RAC there seems little point in posting my complaint to the vague email address i was given over the phone which does not appear anywhere online .

    Please just reply so i can pass it on to the ombudsman .
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    Hi @shayne,

    Thanks for joining the Community - I'm sorry to hear about your experience.

    Just to let you know that the Community doesn't have access to member accounts, so there's no way to connect this post to your RAC membership.

    If you're having challenges logging a complaint online, there are additional methods including post and telephone, which are all listed here.
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