Vehicle damaged by RAC

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    Can anyone tell me how I can get the RAC to engage with me after them seriously damaging my van?

    I raised a complaint immediately back in December but I am still waiting for them to contact me.

    I've tried calling customer service but they told me I can't speak to the relevant team but that they would "pass on my message to them"!!

    I feel my only option is to take them to court to get them to sort out the damage?

    Has anyone else had the same experience?

    Their lack of communication is astounding!
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    Hi @VanDriver

    Thanks for joining the RAC Community.

    I've sent you a DM asking for some more info.

    Unfortunately, nobody in the community has access to RAC member accounts, but let me see if I can help move things along.


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    I'm having a similar experience. My vehicle was recovered by a 3rd party after the RAC patrol advised it was not repairable at the road side. During the unloading of my car, from the recovery vehicle, the front bumper was damaged and (having been asked by the recovery driver to retrieve something from beneath my car) had my hand driven over breaking 2 of my fingers. This all happened on the 25th of June 2023, with a complaint raised shortly after. It wasn't until the 18th of September that I had the first of 10 emails (in 8 months), so far, from the RAC. The email advised that the 3rd party had agreed and accepted responsibility for the events and that their insurer would be in contact shortly. I've now received a total of 3 emails from the RAC stating that the 3rd party insurer will be in contact shortly with the most recent being the 14th Feb 2024. The vehicle was, at the RACs request, taken to a repair shop for a quote which came to the sum of £3563.53. This quote was sent to the RAC along with pictures at a later date. The RAC the requested the location and contact details of the vehicle so that an inspection could be carried out. As yet, no attempt has been made to inspect the vehicle which continues to be stored by the repair shop whilsttheyawaitsome sort of correspondence from the RAC or the 3rd party. Storage fee for which are now at £3525 + VAT at £25 a day + VAT. To top it all off, the injury caused to my hand caused me to require 5 weeks off work and several physio appointments, all at a financial loss to myself.

    The first line of page 13 in the rescue policy booklet states: We are committed to providing excellent service. At present I'm yet to receive any level of service

    I'm at the end of my tether with the lack of support from either the RAC or the 3rd party and have bow marked the email chain FAO complaint department manager requesting a full resolution within 28 days or I will be seeking advice and legal action against the RAC In the meantime, I am going to be researching the best course of action to take if this is required

    I doubt very much that we are the only "valued" customers to receIve such poor custome service from the RAC. I hope you're complaint is resolved soon, keep me updated.
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    @VanDriver I have had issues, done a dodgy repair on my vehicle and told me I had to pay £4000 to get this checked , once my engine is stripped rac will send out the mechanic to check my vehicle but I have to pay upfront , they are a scam and refuse to pay for any damages , just wait 8 weeks then take them court, I will make sure I get my vehicle back to the condition before my dodgy repair, they cowboys worse of all I am a mechanic myself so managed to get video and photo evidence of the repair taking place,
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    Photos are essential.
    Stopped a drunk driver once and impounded his car (standard practice), later on he claimed that the tow company had damaged his car. He sued everyone involved including me.
    The drunk decided to sue pro se, that is without an attorney and didn't ask for discovery. So when we showed the photos taken by the tow company that the damage was already there before they hooked it up and the video of me stopping him and the arrest, which showed the damage was not due to us the judge was not amused.
    6 months for filing a false report and 6 months for perjury for lying to the judge, and the best part, when he tried to get the car out of the impound his name wasn't on the title (V5) , and if it's not, it's not your car as far as the law is concerned and the tow company can't give him someone else's property.🤣