Mileage discrepancy advice please

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    Evening all,

    Been looking a new car for a while now and today I found one (was previously a lease). It hasn't been bought yet as i advised the dealership i wanted to carry out some checks first (the car has been advertised as full service history).

    I got an RAC Vehicle History check for it, and saw that it had mileage history discrepancies. Car was registered 20 Dec 2019, the main discrepancy looks to be 7th May 2021. Everything after that mainly ascends as it should -

    - Date 15/6/2020
    - Mileage 3348
    - From RMI MIL'GE

    - Date 7/5/2021
    - Mileage 1234
    - From RMI MIL'GE

    - Date 10/9/2021
    - Mileage 16958
    - From RMI MIL'GE

    (I will add that on the 14/10/2021 it had 17677 miles from RMI MIL'GE and on 15/10/2021, it had the same miles from BVRLA)

    I looked on HPI check - no mileage discrepancies and 2 MOTs. Same with Total Car Check. DVLA also has the same 2 MOTs.

    Questions are -

    - although the 2 MOTs are caught on the report under MOT History, should they appear in the Mileage History as well, because they don't.

    - who would be best to contact ref the discrepancy and its removal if possible? I read somewhere that Experian provides the RAC the info?

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    AFAIK the RMI mileage record is based upon info provided by dealers, repairers, etc. In other words the motor trade, who are not famous for reliability.

    I'd guess the car was in for a service, and the mechanic forgot to check, so entered 1234. If he'd just entered 12345 all would be well!

    I doubt if you'll be able to correct it, but I also doubt whether it will ever matter.