F1: 2024 season

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    The 2024 season officially starts next week (2nd March), but pre-season testing is underway and the pit lane is once again talking about the ‘creativity’ of the Mercedes car.

    In 2020, Mercedes introduced a DAS system (dual axis steering) which brought their tyres into alignment and increase traction on the straights, although that was then banned in 2021.

    Over the past couple of years, Mercedes have been off the pace and Max Verstappen’s Red Bull team have walked the title.

    Could Merc be back this year?

    This year they’ve brought in a new front wing which has been described as 'exploiting a loophole' in the rules. It controls the air flow around the car and may just give them the advantage they need to be able to challenge the dominance of Red Bull.

    • What are you most looking forward to about the new season?
    • Is Lewis' decision to join Ferrari in 2025 a good move?


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    I had to laugh last year. Someone devoted a 24hr TV Channel to F1 last year. Obviously to fill out time there were plenty of pundits all ready with their endless waffle, but the best, to me, was when they were interviewing a cleaner who spoke hardly any English. The interviewer, who apparently only spoke English, spent most of the time persevering to get her to tell him how many coffee cups were discarded by a specific pit team.
    I watched this at my daughter's, with four of us. Both the interviewer and he interviewee were getting more and more frustrated with each other, and we found it highly entertaining.
    My son-in-law is an avid F1 fan, so the TV was on that channel for weeks.
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    the only way anyone else can win is if Verstappen DNF's