Multiple lights (and sets of lights) on big roundabouts

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    Multiple lights (and sets of lights) on big roundabouts

    Last night, I had to take the exit straight ahead on a big traffic light controlled roundabout. I approached the roundabout in the correct lane but when I joined the roudabout, I mistakenly took the right lane - which was going right. There was a constant stream of traffic on the left, so I decided to go around the roundabout and take the correct exit again.

    Now the question - while i was going around . There were two red lights close to one another ( on the right, so on the roundabout itself) and some other later, that were green. I've recently passed my driving test - but even during the lessons I was always confused.

    How to definitely decide which lights on the roundabout are part of repeater lights and which ones apply to us? Thanks for helping me clarify this.
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    I sent an email to Herts County Council about traffic lights on roundabouts. When I went on their website almost every page had a big banner announcing they wanted to reduce their carbon footprint by 50%. My point was that all the roundabout traffic lights on my journeys through the county went red on approach, causing my carbon footprint to increase dramatically. Specifically, I mentioned A1(M) J3, M1 J5, the Watford ring road and the London Colney roundabout A414. I pointed out that not only did the lights waste my fuel, but to add insult to injury, this would be in the early hours of the morning, with, quite often, no other traffic on the roundabouts. I did not get any reply to my email, but their banner disappeared from their website. (The traffic lights on Watford ring road also go through pedestrian crossing cycle, so three sets of lights with an idling engine for five minutes a time.)
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    There was one Council at least who set roundabout lights to work only a peak times. The rest of the time, they showed as flashing amber.
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    There are two sets on the A412 at Denham Green which are only in use during rush hour
    Flashing ambers have been in use in Germany for a few decades now, and they seem to work well. (I haven't been there for a while, so am assuming they are still there.) On their introduction it was popinted out that in the event of a collision, both parties would be held responsible.