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    Part 2
    In the payment section there is a link to "check renewel option" e.g. auto renew
    1) The renewal should not be HIDDEN befind a link. It should clearly presented on the screen.
    2) This should not be described as "check" since the customer has not be presented with this option to explicitly choose before this point.
    The effect is to force auto renewal upon the customer without making it clear that this will happen.

    At the end of the payment process no reference number or policy number is given. If an email or paperwork fails to arrive, the customer has no reference to use when they contact RAC to find out what has gone wrong.

    As analyst programmer with 30 years experience it saddens me to find these kinds of design errors in the website of a large and established organisation.

    There appear to be no email address on the website for general enquiries or feedback like this and all the forms assume you have a policy number which may not be true e.g. you could buy a policy because of bugs in the website. There should be an easy to general email address. Hence I am usig the forum as a means of cummicationg the problems I have found.

    I hope they properly addresses.
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    Hi @Richard1628,

    Thanks for joining our community.

    Do you happen to have the URL(s) and/or screenshots of what you've described?


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