Sidewall tear in 1 month old tyre

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    Wondering if I could get an opinion from someone who knows more about cars and tyres than I do (it's a low bar)....

    I bought a used car a couple months ago (Lexus Ct200h). A couple weeks after buying it I noticed a sidewall tear on the nearside front tyre. It wasn't loosing air but looked like it would go any minute. As the car was on budget tyres I decided to replace all 4 tyres and go for Hankook all season tyres, not super premium but £100+ per tyre and I read they were one of the best ones. Had the alignment checked when they were fitted and it was fine.

    Two days ago I drove in the evening during heavy rain and went through a shallow puddle. A few minutes later I noticed a strange sound when slowing down and steering seemed to pull a little... long stroy short... I arrived home with a flat tyre.

    Again it seems to be a sidewall tear on the same side but on the inside of the wheel this time. Not an expert but this on a 1 month old quality tyre strikes me as odd.

    Am I just unlucky or could something be going on that I need to be aware of/get fixed?

    Could this be a fault in the tyre or installation?

    Any thoughts much appreciated. I'm having the tyre replaced by the same company who fitted it so want to go in with more of an idea of what might be going on or see if I have grounds to complain to them and ask that they cover the cost.

    Thank you in advance!
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    Given that you drove for some time with no problems. it doesn't seem likely that the car is at fault. It's far more likely that something hidden under the water you drove through caused the damage.

    It would be worth going back to look at the place where it happened to see if you can find the cause and report it to the local council - they should have some kind of "hotline" for pothole reports.
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    Just an opinion, but i agree with @Santa, it's probably just bad luck.

    But, it's always worth asking the question when you get the tyre replaced.


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