Fuel Price Rip Off

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    Fuel companies are quick to recommend the use of their Premium grade fuels. Such drivers are likely to be responsible motorists too. However the prices of these Premium Grade fuels are NEVER displayed.
    Each station is able to add whatever mark up it chooses as well as change it at any time. Thus a station offering a displayed lower price for standard fuel -4p per litre in my documented example - actually costs MORE because their mark up is enormous. That can change the next time there is a revision of standard prices.
    Why should Fuel companies and their franchises be allowed to exploit motorists by subversive pricing this way. To say we have the option not to fill up but driver to another station is no guarantee the next one will be cheaper, nor does it tackle the additional pollution caused by additional starting and stopping, let alone time and fuel wasted. It is fundamentally irresponsible and totally contrary to any claims re Climate Change etc etc. Politicians have not acted on this nor included honesty in their manifestos!
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    It's economics 101
    The oil companies sell a product and they set the price, if it's too high, you don't buy and over time the price will drop, AKA supply and demand.
    Until then your options are;
    to cry about it as you pay for your petrol,
    buy less,
    find a cheaper supplier
    or go electric and flip the oil companies the middle finger.
    Just remember that the price of the petrol at the pump is much the same all over the world, but when you add taxes, then it gets expensive because governments are involved and they see the motorist as a cash cow that needs to be milked on a regular basis.