Waited over 10 hours late at night

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    I broke down yesterday at 2.45pm, I’m a woman on my own in my car. I called at 4.30 and was told that I’d have someone by 5.05pm. I explained I had 2 young children to get back to. By 7pm I was told it would be with me between 8pm to 11pm. This is when I started crying, it was dark, cold and I was on a busy road and vulnerable. Eventually they got me a taxi home and then told me they’d send me back to the car at 9pm that night for recovery at 9.30pm. By midnight nobody had arrived and they didn’t know when they would. I had to get a friend out at 12am to pick me up. I now have to go out again this morning, 10 miles away to my car in the vain hope that someone will actually turn up. I doubt it . This is the absolute worst service I have ever received. I was scared, upset and freezing. Nobody at RAC cared
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    Hi @Matilda1
    Welcome to the community forum and thank you for posting.
    I'm really sorry to hear of your experiences.
    As community manager I don't have access to customers' accounts. Neither do other forum members of course!
    But I can point you towards RAC customer services and there is also a complaints info here.
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    I made my first call to the RAC today, and my experience was a) unbelievably bad and b) ongoing and unresolved.

    I left the motorway to fill up and do some shopping at a place I was familiar with, before continuing my journey (175 miles remaining). When trying to continue, my car wouldn't start. This was around 1:30PM.
    • Used the app to register the breakdown, message was I needed to call
    • Was waiting for 10 minutes or so before I got to speak to someone
    • Was told to expect someone in 90 minutes
    • A very helpful and friendly guy got to me at 5:45.
    • Took him 15 minutes or so to work out my car had a serious issue, and he set up a recovery truck to take me home
    • Was given an estimate of about 2 hours
    • Then received a call saying the journey would be a series of relays (which I wasn't surprised by), and offered as a "better alternative"
      • A 24 hour free car rental to get home
      • My car taken to a secure pound and taken to my home in the next couple of days

    • I had 2 questions,
      • would the rental car be the same size as mine, as i had some expensive and bulky equipment I would need to take home
      • would the rental car be delivered to me

    • I got a "yes" to both so accepted
    • Some time later I was called by Enterprise car rentals. I needed to have a debit card and my driving licence on me (which I did), and have my insurance policy available at least online. Had to check on the latter, so he said he'd call me back in 10 minutes. It was nearer half an hour.
    • He then offered me a Fiat 500
    • I explained that wasn't going to work, and eventually he said he might have a small van. I agreed to use that
    • Then he told me he wouldn't be bringing it, and I'd have to ring the RAC to arrange a taxi to their office, which was in another town I knew was about 40 minutes drive
    • 30 minutes more on hold to the RAC resulted in me being transferred to "someone who would sort out the taxi". What actually happened was I spoke to someone who simply told me I would need to find a taxi myself, pay for it myself, and that the RAC would reimburse me up to £20 if I could provide a receipt. He couldn't do anything else so I had to end the call
    • Not knowing if I'd be able get my bulky equipment into any taxi that turned up, or if I'd end up being given an expensive 10 seater to do a 40 minute journey for considerably more that £20, I called the RAC back to say I wanted the relay recovery journey instead
    • After another long wait on hold, I spoke to someone who supposedly set this up, but I received no further notifications on the app, or calls
    • I called again. Another long wait on hold. Spoke to someone and told him I was feeling abandoned, and as a person in my 60s now sitting in a dark car park, I was starting to feel vulnerable. He said OK, I had 2 options - he could call the dispatch team (which I was told had happened on the last call 40 minutes earlier), or a manager would call me within an hour (that would have been up to 9:15PM)
    • Could I get both? Didn't get an answer to that really, and after saying that I'd accepted the call from the manager, and me saying I wasn't sure I had, the call ended with him saying Id get the call
    • The call never came, but I got a message saying my recovery would arrive between 11:45PM and 1:45AM
    • At this point I called someone I knew who lived close by, who came to pick me up to get me out of the cold and dark. We put my expensive stuff in his car for safety.
    • When I got to his house, I had a thought and called the RAC again. 20 minute wait to talk to someone. Asked them to confirm the pickup was the recovery journey home, and not the collection to the secure pound.
    • Guess what - it was to the secure pound. But he could get that sorted, and someone would be with me by 3AM
    • So the RAC were apparently content to leave a person in their 60s waiting in a cold car park for 14 hours, 10 of them in the dark, before taking them on a multi-leg overnight journey which would involve them waiting numerous times in a freezing car, or in a not much warmer service station
    • So I asked if I could leave the recovery until the following day. "Oh, of course, no problem. They'll be with you between 8AM and 12AM"
    • So now at least I'm warm in a friends house, with a bed to get a night's sleep, but I still have no idea when I'll be picked up, or how long it will take me to get home tomorrow
    • Plus an utter lack of faith that I won't be messed about again tomorrow due to utterly chaotic admin and organisation and totally disconnected logistics, which ought to be the very first concern of a breakdown recovery organisation
    • Needless to say, I'll be researching how to complain and how to publicise my disgraceful experience as widely as possible

      (Also posting this as a message on a new thread)