Any ideas of the outcome of this scenario? Thanks

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    Hi there I have a question - what do you guys think is going to happen in this situation?
    The other day me and my friends were in a car park (at night where the car park had very few entering/leaving the car park) that is owned by a company. We are all into cars and what not and were just chilling around.

    With the nature of us all liking our cars, we decided (at the time) it was a good idea to show off each others cars to one another. We all did a lap or two around the car park. We followed all of the painted markers on the road. We ensured that there were no pedestrians in sight around the car park and that there were no moving vehicles.

    The speed limit was not exceeded. We was not being loud, and we was not being utter morons either (well we was but not too much)

    It was simply the matter that we did a lap or two each to show off the handling of our vehicles. Especially with the fact that I have only recently purchased my vehicle and was eager to show it off to my friend I hadn’t seen in a while, I got carried away with my actions. I have never had an issue with anyone (Police or Civilian), and have never received any fines, warnings, convictions, or anything else. This was simply my first ever time doing something stupid and it is highly regretted lol.

    We did not disturb any motorists, cyclists, and any other person within the mentioned area. Whilst we was driving, we noticed that somebody had started to record us. During my time driving I experienced a fair amount of understeer due to the slightly wet condition of the roads, which leads me to believe that the person recording thought I was doing ‘skids’. To avoid any trouble or complaints from the pedestrian we simply stopped all actions and parked up.

    The night was simply just a little gathering between college friends to spend time and eat a meal together. We understand that the actions performed are not appreciated by most which is why it was only performed for a short period of time.

    We all left shortly after because we wanted to make certain that we did not cause any (more) distress to any of the civilians of the area.
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    As nothing happened your question makes no sense.
    But many people are so fed up with that sort of activity, despite your claim of "We were just having fun and not inconveniencing anyone" falls on deaf ears.
    But what could happen? 😁
    Here in the US they call it 'sideshowing'
    In Australia they call it 'hooning'