Hello all, Hopefully somebody can help me here. I’m a bit of a layman when it comes to cars so if I bother anyone with my terminology or obvious mistakes, my apologies in advance.

Back in August 2023 I bought a secondhand Clio (2012) a TCe - the TomTom model I think - it had a number of issues and after waiting forever for the place to fix it (it took a week to repair the fan belt) I’ve all but given up calling on them. Two of the issues included a non-working cigarette lighter and the driver's side speaker. The parts have been “on order” apparently…anyway…

Yesterday, whilst waiting for a tire change I decided to look at Youtube for fixing a Clio cigarette lighter and the first video that came up was changing the fuse. It looked easy enough, so I went to my local car place, bought a pack of fuses, changed it and the flipping thing worked straight away! I’ve impressed myself. Not only that, I’ve noticed a 25A missing from the “window” section of the box - which seemed odd as the windows worked. Still I stuck one in. Brilliant! I’m on a roll.

Today however, I got in the car and instantly noticed that my radio won’t turn on, not only that the in-built TomTom satnav thing isn’t lighting up either. Arse! ‘Clearly’, I think, ‘It’s something to do with those two fuses!’. So I rip them out and still nothing. So, now I’m wondering if the sudden surge of new fuses knackered up the radio fuse. So I yank that out, it looks fine, but taking zero chances I put in a matching fuse and still nothing. Now I’m pressing any button on the dashboard that looks radio or TomTom-like and still sod and all.

I’ve zero idea what’s happened. So I have even less of an idea how to rectify the problem.

Can anyone possibly gently point me in the right direction of what bit I need to jab, to make it all work again please?