Can my insurers recover costs

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    Hi two years ago I was involved in RTA, neither party claimed fault so this was ultimately settled in court where I lost

    During the year of the accident I had a policy that was never voided, cancelled, second year with the same insurers I had to change my job occupation which led the company cancelling my policy a few months before the court date that I ended up losing

    However, I was always insured for the year of the accident. This was never cancelled or voided

    Anyway it’s been months now since that court date but the costs were very high , personal injury, hire costs. Is there anyway that insurer can try recover cost from me? Can they come back years later and claim they wouldn’t have covered you back then?
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    As a general point to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

    With motor insurance, the policy which was active at the time of the incident, would normally deal with the claim. You are obliged to notify your insurer as soon as you are aware of an incident which may lead to a valid claim so if you are aware of something, you should declare it straight away.


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    Whether your insurers can recover costs depends on the specific circumstances and terms of your insurance policy. In some cases, insurers may be able to recover costs through subrogation if they have paid out a claim on your behalf and can prove another party is responsible for the damages. It's best to consult your insurance provider for guidance tailored to your situation.