About to buy my first vehicle with adblue

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    I am very interested in buying a local 19 plate
    toyota hilux with adblue
    I have avoided add blue in the past but I knew sooner or later it had to happen!!
    I read on line all sorts of horror stories about how it costs a fortune to put right
    a local guy told me he knew someone that would do away with it for a small fee
    would this affect mot test?
    he also said… ‘do you know what adblue is?
    no was my reply
    it’s pig pizz
    i Can guarantee it’s pig pizz
    i was in no position to argue
    I will not delete it
    In average driving how much add blue will be used?
    10 litres is about the smallest quantity I have seen
    it’s readily available in motor shops and supermarket
    what I am thinking of doing is buying a 5 litre can used for filling chainsaws as it will be handier
    thanks for all replies
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    Ad Blue is a solution of distilled water and urea. This does NOT mean that you can pee into the tank for the same result. It's there to reduce emissions so yes, it would be an MOT failure if you removed it.

    1 litre of AdBlue lasts around 600 miles. 10 litres cost between £12 and £20 depending on where you go. Bigger containers are available, but they may be harder to pour from. Buying it in garages is the most expensive method.