Hi all, I'm trying to find some information about taking both the car and motorcycle tests in parallel.

For context I've been driving for a year on my european license in the UK, I also have more than 10 years of driving experience both on unrestricted motorcycles and a car.

My European license is now expiring and I am not able to exchange it due to it not being an EU one.

I am waiting for my provisional license to arrive and my plan is to apply to do both the car and motorcycle theory tests right away, do my CBT and so on.

I then plan to start some lessons and prepare for both Car practical and motorcycle Mod1/2 so tsking which ever I can book sooner.

I assume this will not be an issue as the theory tests last for 2 years and if in the mean time I obtain one of the licenses before the other the actual license will serve as a provisional one for the other type?

What I mean is...I applied for both using my prov license... but I pass the motorcycle tests first (maybe do to the wait times for the car) Then when I go to my car practical driving test I won't have the provisional one anymore but rather the full A license.

Does anyone have experience similar to that? I guess I'll ask the instructor and the driving school but wanted to see what experience people might have had.
Thank you!