Named driver accident but not in my car.

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    Hi all apologies if has been asked before. My wife and I each have our own cars and we are both are main policy holders with different insurers. We are both named drivers on each others policies.

    She had minor accident in her own car she was driving. Her insurer was informed and all sorted out. No claim made. Not at fault.

    I informed my insurer and a note was put on My policy against my wife's name (as she is named driver) stating the accident she had.

    My wife no longer wants to be named driver on my policy now or in the future, so I have taken her off my policy.

    So when I next shop around for renewal quotes, do I need to inform any future insurers of my wifes accident if my wife is no longer a named driver on my policy were it states: " have you or any named drivers had any accidents or claims in the last 5 yrs regardless of fault"

    I don't think I need too tell any new insurers. As no claim made on my car insurance policy for my wife's accident. Just note by wife's name of the accident she had in her own car.

    But my wife thinks I need to tell any new insurers. Even if she is NOT named driver on my policy, as her accident will stay both our insurance histories and could cause issues.
    She's extremely worried about it all.
    Who is correct? Me or my wife. I would really appreciate advice from you all.
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    @DIZZYDAYSYou are right, your wife is wrong.

    Not necessarily a recipe for a happy marriage!