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    I have just received a PCN for the crossing on 6th Sept 2023. We all have to abide by rules & regs including the DOT. My late payment, yes I did pay!, was 19 weeks ago. I was 3 days late. Can a PCN for the crossing be sent out that long after the crossing was made?
    I'll ask Dart Charge/DOT/Emovis as well but I hope for a quicker reply here! I have until 31st Jan until the PCN doubles or make a challenge.
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    I would challenge it anyway.

    I found this which suggests that you will need a very good excuse:

    Payment for using the Dartford Crossing is due by midnight the day after the crossing. If you make a late payment (even by a few minutes) it will not be credited towards your crossing. Instead, it will be retained as a credit for 12 months on the Dart Charge system and used towards a future crossing in the same vehicle. As the Dartford crossing fee had not been paid, National Highways will issue a Penalty Charge Notice.
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    Thanks Santa, could you send a link to where you read this pls? Indeed I paid and they are holding on to it as a credit. However on the PCN it also says I owe them £2.50 as well as the penalty fee which is a bit strange. I'll email the three parties involved in the charge admin and ask why it takes 19 weeks to issue a PCN and what is the maximum time they are allowed to take action. I sense a loophole through mal-adminstration somewhere, lets hope so.
    When I rang I was 40th in the queue, anyway maybe we all get more sense and firmer evidence from written replies?