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    Just wanted some feed back, my son failed is driving test last October earliest he could get in was January, Told driving instructor that my son started a new job and wouldn't be able to have anymore lessons at the moment and Me and his father would take him out, got back in touch with the driving instructor as what to do because it was getting to test time and he knew when the date and time was. He wrote back said unfortunately I cant fit him in and he will have to do his test in my car and you can by an extra examiners mirror of E bay.
    Me and his father had spent over £2200 with this instructor I was under the assumption that they give priority to people having there test, or is that not the case anymore. This stressed me out trying to get the car top notch for his test I'm really quite upset at the instructor. Am I just over reacting and just leave it.

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    I can understand why you are upset, but if he is booked up, he is booked up. I assume it is an independent business.

    You could phone around to see if another instructor will allow you to take the test in their car, but you would be well advised to pay for an hour beforehand for your son to get used to the car. (That's what I did, way back in 1951).

    The advantage of using your car is that he is familiar with it. Amazon has a mirror for a tenner and that is surely the cheaper option. Note that fewer than half of applicants pass.

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    As above, if you don't want to use your own car, look for another instructor.

    Most (if not all) will want to do at least one lesson to assess your son before risking the use of their car for the test. That's if they can accommodate the test date: don't expect anyone to prioritise your son over their regular customers.
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    An insignificant point in the grand scheme of things but I took my test in my parents' car without being aware of the need for the examiner to have mirror. She provided her own mirror.
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    Huh, i didnt realise that the person taking the test needed to provide a mirror for the examiner.
    @sxgreen, I'd let it go. Instructors are often over subscribed, from a business POV, I can understand them prioritising someone who will give them more business in the future (a new learner). I also appreciate that given the money you guys spent, it doesn't feel great.