Accident who was at fault.

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    Hi, today I got into my first accident and am still in shock. The other driver tried to say it’s my fault and got extremely verbal. I have attached a diagram. So I was at the cemetery and I was leaving. I am Driver A, driver B is another female who was going to the cemetery, she says it’s the other drivers fault and he was driving high speeds and also a puncture. There is not enough for both cars to come in or out of the cemetery, she flashed me to go so I went to go, van driver C, over takes her and crashed into me. He deliberately swerved into me despite him able to go around me. When I asked him why he didn’t brake he said because he’s got stuff in the back he didn’t want to damage. He claims that the little damage on his bumper is the reason why his tyre is damaged. I don’t think this is the case

    this is a diagram I drew:

    this is photos of his van and his tyre, my question is this crash couldn’t have caused his tyre to be punctured?
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    So far as I can see, both drivers were at fault.

    A for pulling out when it was not safe (B flashing her lights is irrelevant). B for overtaking at a junction (and when it was not safe).

    You need to let your insurance deal with it - give them as much detail as possible. I think it's unlikely that it will be found anything other than shared fault - whether it's 50/50 or 90/10 won't make any difference to you.