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    Title is a bit ambiguous, I know, but I couldn't think of anything better.
    We have two family meals over Xmas and New Year, and one of the discussions involved my grandson announcing that he is looking to buy a home outside the UK. He is a very intelligent young man, and has decided that if he wants a good life, he is not going to find it here. The real problem is that he is not the only one thinking like this. He told us that most of those he went to College with are thinking along the same lines, and the idea has been mooted that they should act as a cooperative, and maybe look at buying a hotel on the Continent somewhere between them. When he has mentioned this idea to his work friends, they have asked how they could join in. So far there are around 50 of them, and even allowing for those that won't follow through, for them even to have this idea is very sad. I have to wonder how many other groups there are with the same idea?
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    Much of the world is looking for a better life and migrating to countries where they believe they can find it, so it's not unusual.