Accidentally driving through an amber light

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    Hello, I come here again with a question. I while driving to work and I crossed the intersection with an amber light but I was literally 2 meters from the white stop line when the light changed for amber, I think when I left the intersection the light was still amber and didn't even change for red.I really try not to do that and anticipate what will happen but sometimes you are too close to the white line and when you driving 25 mph and you add reaction time is no chance to stop in one place , unless in the middle of the intersection.Of course, I'm stressed because a CCTV camera was watching the intersection and I wonder if I can be prosecuted for this. I don't have a driving license more than two years and I'm afraid of getting penalty points

    What could be the penalty for such a thing , 3 points and £100 or more ?

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    Amber means the same as red, except when the vehicle is "so close to the stop line that it cannot safely be stopped without proceeding beyond the stop line".

    It sounds as if you'd have a good defence if prosecuted. In practice, amber light offences are rarely, if ever, followed up.

    CCTV cameras are not there for traffic offences, there are dedicated red light cameras for that.

    Finally, it doesn't matter what the lights were showing as you left the junction, or indeed any time after you crossed the stop line.