Battery fitted incorrectly... then Disaster !!!!

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    I ordered a battery to be installed on Saturday online from The RAC shop on my Jaguar XF.

    The Patrol officer, installed the battery totally the wrong way, by not keeping a 12v current through the car.

    After I mentioned about talk on this subject in the Jaguar Forum.

    The car is now in lockdown, no central locking and cannot start. I am now 5 days without my car.

    The car was uplifted on Monday by the second low loader as the first one turned up and wasn't suitable, 8 hours later the next one turns up now after having to call into my work, that I won't be in, and taken to Jaguar in Paisley.

    The Patrol Officer says the RAC customer Services would contact Douglas at Paisley Jaguar but they haven't.

    Livid is the way I am feeling and The RAC are not doing anything to help me get back on the road. I would like this rectified, sorted and also compensation for this very poor show. I am now being told that the car won't be rady tomorrow and it could be next week.

    I want compensation, car fixed or I'm taking this to the newspapers, BBC and small claims court.
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    Welcome to the community @DELMAC and thanks for posting. πŸ‘
    Sorry to hear of your situation.
    As community manager I don't have access to customer accounts. Neither do other community forum members of course.
    Here is a link to the RAC contact page which has all the different teams' contact details.
    I really hope your situation gets sorted soon. It does sound extremely annoying and frustrating for you.
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    How long after you complain do 'RAC' get back to you?

    I have uploaded every piece of evidence available. I get no email confirmation, I have had no customer service calls to say sorry, offer anything.

    I am a customer just dumped. I am speaking to the press on Friday.

    This may or may not get me seen, as so far I am invisible.

    β€’ Battery installed by untrained patrol officer.
    β€’ Car then locked down.
    β€’ Forced windows down and left with cling film over them for 4 days.
    β€’ Damaged passenger door handle.
    β€’ Car then put on recovery truck/ well second attempt 48 hours later.
    β€’ Car left at garage to be fixed, this took 8 days.
    β€’ Left without car for 10 days.
    β€’ I had to pay the bill to Jaguar, as RAC ignored the calls from the garage.
    β€’ Poor customer service.

    I get no correspondence, so going to the press and I have already spoke to a journalist.

    This drama started on the 12th December and still no correspondence.
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    Hi @DELMAC
    Sorry to hear of this. I'm going to send you a DM to ask for your contact info so that I can pass it on.
    (Btw I've merged your new post into this existing thread, just to keep it all in one place πŸ‘)
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    Hi @DELMAC

    I've sent a DM but thought it would be useful to add something here, in case anyone else has a similar query.
    I've had a response from customer services which is that there is an 8 week timescale (in your case starting 12 Dec) which is outlined in the complaint acknowledgment. You've received this OK?
    There's some info on the RAC complaints page.
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    @Marc 8 weeks is a bit of a joke, especially when someone is out of pocket through no fault of their own. I'll just wait and see if I get any replies... I won't hold my breath.
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    What to do if you have a complaint
    If you’re not happy with any part of the administration services provided by RACFS under this contract, please contact us.
    If we can’t resolve your complaint for you, you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service at this address:
    The Financial Ombudsman Service
    Exchange Tower
    London E14 9SR
    0800 0234567 / 0300 123 9123
    [email protected]
    The Financial Ombudsman Service will only engage with your complaint if you have already tried to resolve it with us. Using this complaints procedure does not affect your legal rights