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    Hello everyone,

    I've got a significant issue here. I had a problem with one of my vans on 15th July 2023, which was reported around 12:00 PM, right around lunchtime. I ended up waiting at the location for many hours amidst a big mess caused by RAC. Eventually, I gave up and left the key in the van so that the rescue service could access it. Surprisingly, they arrived to collect the van on 16th July at around 2:00 AM. I had already provided them with the garage address, and the garage had even cleared a large space to accommodate the van that day. However, the driver who rescued the van dropped it off at the wrong location on Sunday, 16th, and as a result, the van received a PCN on Sunday and another on Monday because I couldn't move the van to the garage, as it was a Luton van.

    Since then, I've emailed RAC about this PCN issue and have also appealed, but both appeals were rejected by the council. I've informed RAC about all these rejection letters, but they keep saying that they are investigating the case. It seems to me that nothing is being done, and I now have two PCNs under my name, totaling about £380. I'm worried that I might soon have a bailiff at my doorstep.

    I believe I need to file a CCJ against RAC for not fulfilling their duty. What is the best course of action to resolve this situation?

    1. First, I've contacted RAC with all the details of the case, but their response has always been that they are looking into it. However, the PCN fees have increased, and they've done nothing from day one.

    2. Secondly, I've emailed customer service, and even the person handling my case told me to call and chase them, but all I get is the same response: they are still investigating the case. and the PCN will eventually because a bailiff case
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    You need to contact a solicitor. There are still some who will give you a 30 minute free consultation.