Driving through puddles

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    I posted this on a marque-specific forum but am re-posting it here in case anyone has anything to add.

    With the recent weather there has been a lot of standing water and I have noticed that my car doesn’t cope as well with this as previous cars. At moderate speed (40mph) a puddle can unsettle the car and require steering input to get it back in a straight line.

    I am at the point where if there is a puddle on my side of the road along with an oncoming vehicle, I will slow down to <30mph to prevent the car being put off course into the oncoming vehicle. I am not talking large puddles which cover much of the road, just a little standing water which would affect one side of the car.

    I am not complaining, having to be especially careful in conditions that are not suitable for enthusiastic driving anyway does not cause me issue. I am more wondering whether this sounds normal or if I should get the car checked over.

    The car is a 2023 Mini John Cooper Works, with 17 inch wheels and tyres with good tread - have only covered 2500 miles. My car does not have an LSD but instead has some sort of computer system. Would this be relevant?

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    Normally, puddles are deeper on the kerb side because of the camber of the road, which means the car may pull to the left.

    If yours is tending to steer towards oncoming traffic that suggests a problem.
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    When the car pulls unexpectedly to the left it is normal to steer to the right to correct the line. I am very wary when oncoming traffic meets puddles in that I have seen a few drivers overcorrect when trying to steer the car back on course. I have even had cars cross entirely to my side of the road through this. Just a thought.