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    I was wondering if I was the only one that, admittedly-since Covid, has sort of gone off holidaying abroad in favour of exploring my own country.

    The thought of the stress of the airport and then sitting in a sealed tube with 300 other people doesn't appeal.

    Not to mention the expense. We recently went for a short break to celebrate some birthdays. We had a relatively small budget and for the price of 2 nights away + flights and transport, we quickly realised we could drive to somewhere in the UK and spend double the time -- for the same money -- so we did that.

    I have always been into travel and exploration and enjoy going to different countries...not so much tourist hotspots, more wandering off and experiencing local culture. I don't intend to "quit" this completely but am now appreciating my own country a lot more...

    I suppose if I wanted to sit on a beach for 2 weeks in November I'd need to go abroad for any reliability r.e. the weather, but for the sort of holidays I enjoy, the UK has a lot to offer.

    Just wondering what others think?
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    Like you, I also used to enjoy foreign culture, I used to know a family in the Ardennes and spent quite a lot of long weekends with them. Same for Germany and Italy. I did mix these weekends with some in Wales camping, odd weeks on the South Coast in Sussex and Dorset and occasionally in Beds/Cambs with family. Where I live has good access to Herts, Bucks and Berks, so we would reciprocate these long weekends and sometimes weeks. Good times are still being had by all.