Peugeot 2008 Clutch Issue

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    So I am trying to sell my car as the PCP is nearly up and now I believe it has just got a clutch issue.

    - The clutch pedal is really light and you only have to push it down slightly to change gear.

    - There is a squeaking sound when I brake, this could be the clutch as I press this down aswell.

    - After driving the car for 10 minutes plus there is a burning smell at the front of the car.

    - Lastly, I have just today noticed that there seems to be what looks like an oil leak (some type of leak) the oil cap is secure so not sure where this has come from. The wholes of the engine looks like it is covered with a leakage.

    I am trying to get this looked at asap but just wondering if anyone knows what this may be? And what sort of cost to fix.

    thanks in advance for any help
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    Well the burning is possibly the leaking oil getting onto the exhaust manifold, but that's just a guess.
    Light clutch, no idea, could be anything, same for the squeak.
    Start by having the engine pressure washed to find the cause of the oil leak, if that's impractical add some UV dye to the oil and it will easily show the origin of the leak.
    Fix that first as it's dangerous and it's difficult to sell a car if it catches fire.
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