Near Collision Passing Junction

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    I'm just wandering who was at fault in something that happened while I was driving today.

    I was driving down a 40mph road, but due to the time there was traffic and I was only averaging about 30mph. There was a junction to the left, and the person waiting believed I was giving way to them and began to enter the road. I was close enough to them that I had to brake quite harshly, and swerve my car to the right in order to avoid a collision. The thing I think I did wrong was that I never actually reached a complete stop, just very close, and in a split second decision I sped up again and drove by them. (They definitely had enough space to continue ahead of me if I did stop).

    Once I was past them the road was widening into 3 lanes, and the car that emerged from the junction overtook me and so did another car that was behind me (this also makes me think I may have done something wrong).

    I passed my test only 5 months ago and still view each day of driving as a school day, and worry about each mistake I make for hours to weeks afterwards due to OCD.

    Any assessment of this situation would be greatly appreciated.
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    I would say you did nothing wrong of any significance

    Passing the car instead of letting it go ahead could be seen as slightly aggressive but nothing worth thinking about

    The fact they passed you afterwards has no relevance to the initial incident

    You sound like a good driver who wants to improve, rather than blaming everyone else, just don't go too far the other way and think you are a bad driver for weeks, easy to say I know, as I am aware of how with OCD certain thoughts can take over