I find myself in need of some guidance for my BMW 3 Series

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    Salutations, everyone! I'm in search of some valuable insights. Recently, my vehicle's transmission has developed a peculiar reluctance when it comes to shifting into top gear. It engages in over-revving theatrics and eventually makes a rather hesitant transition into top gear. I'm beginning to fear that the day when "Top Gear" becomes nothing more than a television show is drawing near, particularly with the rumors of its impending conclusion.
    I'm contemplating the need for a transmission repair or a complete replacement, but I must admit, the potential cost, especially if entrusted to a BMW service center, is a source of trepidation.
    Has anyone ventured into alternative solutions? I remain firm in my preference for genuine parts, yet I'm eager to uncover strategies for reducing labor expenses.
    I currently reside in Kent, United Kingdom, and I'm on the hunt for a reputable mechanic in Kent who specializes in this particular field. This is a substantial investment, and I'm not inclined to make a random choice without a reliable referral.
    I'm considering the services of the following establishments:

    1. ASR Gearbox Repairs (Kent) - You can find them at https://asrgearboxrepairs.co.uk/location/kent/
    2. Jones Auto Services Limited
    3. Gravesend Transmission Services Kent

    Your valuable insights and recommendations would be most appreciated!
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    Gearboxes are complicated and it takes a lot of skill to work on them. Main dealers rarely do this work in-house and either contract it out or, more likely, try to sell you a replacement.

    A quick Google seems to indicate that all three of the establishments you list have good reviews. I suspect that geography and wait times may well be the deciding factor for you.

    They will probably offer a choice of repair/recondition or exchange. Repair may be cheaper, but you will have to pay for the time it takes to remove and examine it. It also means that you will be without your car for some time.

    They will probably offer a warranty and it pays to examine this carefully.
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    Is it manual or automatic and what engine and model year?