Waiting on a refund cheque

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    Hi all,

    Anyone had issues waitinng on a cheque from the rac?

    I was promised a cheque to cover the repair of a botched rac repair on 4th October. They said to allow 21days. We are noe on day 23 and still nothing.

    Have emailed and filled in the complaints form and have no reply.

    Is this a common thing with the rac?

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    Hi @Julloyd
    Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. 👍
    As community manager I don't have access to customer accounts. Neither do other community forum members of course.
    Here is a link to the RAC contact page which has all the different teams' contact details.
    I hope your situation gets sorted soon.

    My only thought on this, from similar experiences with other organisations, is that it's usually a set number of working days, not calendar days.
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    @Julloyd this happened to me too. broke down 19/10/23, paid £290.99 over the phone to rac as a non member, rac couldn’t get to us, told me i’d get a refund in 5 or 7 days.

    i called to chase it up and was told 14 working days. today marks the 14th working day (20th day since breakdown) and there is still no refund. i’ve called numerous times since this happened and was told to wait. and now when i call i keep getting transferred to another line which hangs up on me.

    i’ve called every number available on the “contact us” page and no luck with any. i’ve got no proof from rac themselves that they are meant to be refunding me, i only have proof of the alternative breakdown assistance i had to use after rac couldn’t help. i’ve filed two complaints through the online form but they take 8 weeks to respond.

    my only other option is to seek legal advice or go to the financial ombudsman, but without any correspondence from RAC i don’t know how far i’ll get.

    did you get your money back in the end?
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    Hi @fayeyou, that sounds like a nightmare.

    The roadside repair man botched a repair on our car back in August, but assured us verbally that if we took it to a garage and got it fixed they would pay it over the phone. When we rang the next day to clarify this, we were told there wasno such policy and would need to open a dispute and submit an invoice for the work. This took 8 weeks to resolve. They then said we'd get the cheque within 21 days (why it takes 21 days i don't know). We waited 21 days and nothing, so i just constantly badgerd evey email i could find, contacted them on twitter etc. Eventually someone got back to say it must have been lost(?) and sent me another one. It arrived this week.

    They are an awful company to deal with, but just keep at them and hopefully you'll get your money back. Did you pay by credit card? If so, contact your bank, they should be able to help

    Oh, and also. The repair man sold us a 'new' battery fir £130, had no choice but to take it (it was middle of the night). Our own mechanic saw it and told us ut was a really cheap second hand one.
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    @Julloyd wow that’s awful, not the greatest response to get when you’re stuck somewhere especially at night. I was stuck in the middle of a valley at night when I paid for assistance over the phone and it’s not fun especially when they didn’t even show up :(
    I have been doing the same, calling them whenever i can, emailing and i even sent a complaint. Today i finally managed to get through to someone helpful in customer care, only after being given the customer care number by someone else as it’s impossible to find online!

    The person on the phone checked the status of the refund for me and it hadn’t been actioned! They have sent it now and have emailed confirmation that the money is on the way which is a relief. I’m glad your money is back now, it’s just so frustrating this happens at all!