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    Hello, Recently bought a 2017 Ford Focus. Two weeks ago the Steering Assist Malfunction message appeared at start up. Steering wheel turned freely and the roadwheels never moved! Switched off, restarted, everything seemed ok, precariously drove 1/4 mile home, about to reverse into drive and steering wheel spun freely again. Called Dealer who asked me to drive it to garage! Got it recovered. Checked over by garage and there are no fault codes so I've been told there's nothing wrong, take it away and see if fault reappears! Obviously I refused (60mph, steering fails, family in car, not worth the risk). Having quite a reasonable mechanical knowledge (40+ years Maintenance Engineer) I can appreciate power steering getting heavy when it fails but to intermittently loose connection between steering wheel and drive wheels I don't understand and don't trust it will not happen again. Anybody else experienced anything similar or have any theories? Car is still sitting at Ford Dealer awaiting a letter to say that it is safe to drive before I take it back pending investigation by finance company. Even with a letter I will not risk my family's safety and at present am paying out for use of alterative transport. Thanks
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    I did a search around the internet and found this. It may help, but having no fault codes is a real puzzle.
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