Getting car on the road after 3yrs

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    My 2005 Honda Jazz has been off-the-road since April 2020, parked in a lockup garage and I've reluctantly decided that I no longer need it. The vehicle was well cared for until the pandemic struck and has just 40,000 miles on the clock.

    I understand it would be worth
    between £1,890 - £2,100 in a road-worthy condition but I'd like to know what work is likely to be required to return it to that state, and hence whether this would give me a better return than just scrapping it for a few hundred quid.

    I'm aware that the battery is dead, it has two flat tyres which may well need to be replaced and it will need an oil / fuel change but I guess this would just be the tip of the iceberg. Obviously it would need an MOT as well (and the last MOT included an advisory for 'Macpherson strut pin or bush worn' on both the near and offside front upper).

    Thanks in anticipation.
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    I am no mechanic, but a number of problems can develop over such a long time. If I were you, I would look for a local garage that can make it saleable for you at a reasonable price. The fact that it's been garaged makes it likely that it won't need a lot doing, but I would have a budget of £500 in mind and hope for a lot less.

    They are popular little cars and I doubt you would have much trouble selling it with a current MOT and all clean and shiny.

    I hope you had it SORNed while it was laid up, or you may be having some tricky conversations with DVLA.
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    Most common that I have seen on cars left standing for a length of time include: Engine 'dry-freezing', brake seals failing, handbrake stuck on, engine and gearbox oil seals failing, clutch stuck, water pump seals failing, exhaust corrosion, and miscellaneous electrical/electronic problems due to corrosion.
    Those are off the top of my head, and I would not expect all of them.