2 inch Dent on a scoda bumper

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    2 weeks ago i revesed into a skoda getting out from being parked up the dent is about 2 inch big and not pushed far back. The lady that got my details off of me messaged me the next day saying she got a quote from her garage and they said £180. She'd ask if we could just do it without going through insurance as her car was a leased car fast forward a two weeks she said she'd been in touch with her insurer and that it would double the amount she was quoted. She said she told her insurers the day it happened. I'm getting a little confused as she sah one thing and then another is she just trying get cash out of me without actually getting the work done ?
    thanks scott
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    Tell her to put it through insurance. I can understand where she is coming from, but there have been too many cases of these claims escalating to take the risk.

    The worst that can happen to you is a slight increase in next year's premium.