Car Dealer refuses rights

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    Rejected car after driving home already having a fault on driving away but told to return as was just a sensor issue!
    got home with critical warning light and Engine light on , took to my garage for diagnostic report showed four faults two serious!
    dealer refuses to accept my rights to short term reject!
    I have instructed solicitor and booked into main Jaguar dealer for independent report!
    can I insist on Jaguar doing any work to repair or do I have to let dealer repair?
    I am looking at repairs as it’s probably easiest option but don’t trust dealer to do the job
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    Your position under The Consumer Rights Act 2015 depends on how you bought the car, but in general, you have to give the dealer an opportunity to carry out the repair. You will not be able to recover the cost of the report from "your garage" or from the main Jaguar dealer.

    The Consumer Magazine "Which" offers very helpful (and free) advice, including pro-forma letters if appropriate.
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    Thanks for reply
    I have to beg to differ as the car has serious faults under the 30 day right to reject with I might add a garage report confirming this I am told by my solicitor that I am perfectly entitled to a full refund !
    indeed I have instructed this in a letter before action and draft court papers if the dealer refuses my rights
    I am also advised by my solicitor that the damages do allow for reimbursement of the diagnostic report and is in my claim!
    I have yet to even see the full service history for the car promised and advertised!
    also the car was in a recall and sold without looking into this and it is a safety recall further underlining this dealer’s business practices
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    @T66Dys It looks as if you have this in hand. I am not sure what you want from us so I will butt out.
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    Thank you for your reply!
    My original question was asking a particular point about whether I can legally insist on a third party doing any repairs if under the 30 day right to reject ? If a repair is my choice rather than further litigation to get a refund?
    I understand this is a complicated issue and just wondered if anyone had encountered this scenario for guidance!
    but thank you for trying to answer
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    I'd keep the car away from a dealership for any repairs as there is a possibility that the shady dealer can use that as an excuse to shirk his liability.
    Just have the solicitor make him take it back because you don't know how many other problems may be lurking that have been hidden.
    Old school:
    Sawdust or grease instead of oil in gearboxes to quiet them down.
    Fiberglass patch over a rusty petrol tank leak.
    Rice in the radiator to stop a leak.
    A few drops of paraffin in some soapy water to bring out a lovely shine on the paintwork; for a while.
    Tappets set to 0 clearance to quiet them down; for a while.
    Fully synthetic engine oil to stop exhaust smoke; for a while.
    Check Engine light connected to the alternator light circuit so it goes off after once the engine is started.
    I've seen em all.